Leroy Morin (Leefire) Grenadian/London musician singer songwriter. Leroy grew up in Grenada, St Patrick. He moved to London at 18 and found he had a talent busking and has a following in Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square, commanding large audiences who love his unique performance and who are always left wanting more. Lee began recording demos and writting songs daily. This has led Lee to produce a classic album “The Hard Way” which has already created rave reviews with the reggae fans. Lee is recording with sons Leeandrew and Keiran Morin who are helping to craft his huge musical repertoire and the distinctive Leefire sound. Along with Rob Gilbert who helps with recording vocals and live instruments and Dave Robson with backing vocals and mastering.

Now..leefire goes live his first performance this year in goldsmiths college london new cross, along with reggae artist jahovi - Reggae ambassadors - Darklight with jah youth sound system on june 25th 2016 

The Hard Way